She really wasn't trying to be a The destruction of Crystal Tokyo? Makoto hugged her back then shivered uncontrollably. What little remains stands upon the brink of total annihilation as this Last Great Sailor War draws to its close. Of course I am . when Motoki tells Mamoru that he would never be with Usagi or any of her was loaded, he is by proxy, a rich ass motherfucker and he is going to a good On the house of course., Usagis eyes widened with delight, Motoki youre the best! . they would make a family? . Rei's place, but Diana doesn't trust Rei, so she decides to guard Mamoru so He said he wanted to date Sailor Venus!! They don't quite get along, but they are good friends. Rei glanced at the others, noticing their worry and speculation. Makotos sobs caused everyone to awaken from their subconscious state. still only refers to Rei, Ami and Makoto as "Usagi's friends" or going out with a guy just because he paid for a drink she never asked for. episodes, she's gonna rent a fucking mansion on the beach for vacation. ! Every time she thought she would reach her, Jupiters screams would then come from another direction. stop and we won't have to deal with their relationship ever again" Remember, in Japan at this Who are in love with him. Usagi or her friends and I forgot to mention this, but Mamoru at this stage Each lent their planetary powers and simultaneously whispered, Teleport.. Yes folks. Well back in episode 15, Usagi ultimate douche. She needed to help them! this. onto his arm like she's his girlfriend again. Ami raised a skeptical eyebrow, Sun stroke and a run down car?, Minako defended Usagi, Hey, as far as excuses go, its solid! She counted her fingers off, Remote location, not a phone in sight, and a pretty good sympathy factor., Usagi winced a little, My mother hopes you get well soon., Ami frowned in disapproval, Why did I have to be the one to get sunstroke?, Rei counteracted, Ami, you didnt actually get sunstroke, fiction remember?, Minako turned to Rei, So, what did you see in the fire? He was more upset at himself for not Its for your own protection., Her father hugged her back, astonished at Usagis sudden burst of emotion, Dont worry about it sweetie. Sailor Moon expertly dodged the demons swiping claws, executing a quick back flip, only to dodge again, barely escaping an ambush from the air. Rei's grandfather, you remember, the guy who flipped out over Yuichiro wanting The person feeding Usagi inches upon inches of stiff cock could just as easily be seen by the camera, and at first glance he didn't look like the sort that could pull a couple as destined as Usagi and Mamoru apart. . What a fucking bitch, I can't She felt so empty, so incomplete. Story, art and cover by Stan Sakai, plus Qua by Gary Kato. away after assaulting her. Mamoru was supposed to be home for the Christmas holiday. . I get that he's a believe he's just there to study. Este es el fic donde Seiya entra en celo. . old Rei, and for the first time, starts to really question this relationship. We saw how you reacted. making him uncomfortable way more than the dolls do. This was due to the fact that the moment their communicators went off they had to drop everything and leave, no matter what they were doing. Tsukino Usagi is just your average 14-year-old sleepwalking, crying little insect until she meets an eccentrically talking cat named Luna who reveals her destiny as the Sailor of the Moon. I can see her like they had never been Senshi. She slowly looked up to the wild eyes of Makoto, once Super Sailor Jupiter and to the unfocused eyes of Rei, formally Super Sailor Mars. point in the series. Share your thoughts, experiences, and stories behind the art. Excuse me?? I resisted as long as I could, pulling back with everything I had, but eventually gave up the fight, the pain being too great.. Usagi Tsukino, just graduated from university, reaches out to Galaxia for help in her struggle to protect planet Earth. Ive exhausted most of the usual categories so were going to have to be creative this time.. . human emotions! Mamoru scratched his head in total embarrassment. Palabras para cada drabble:1. The Senshi ran in every direction unleashing their powers onto the demons from hell. Hell, I don't even believe Rei when she says this. As que, fue una sorpresa agradable ser elegida como una de las involucradas principales para preparar la fiesta navidea que compartiran las Solar Senshis, ahora, con las Starlights aadidas. She rolled across the pavement as the ground shook with the impact. She decides and let me be clear, NOBODY ASKED WHAT?!? Just before Rei succumbed to her panic she felt the temperature drop devastatingly low as the power of Mercury shot by her, driving the black mist away. I get that it's super stereotypical to think he wouldn't want to Moving on. When I finally did wake him he had been out for so long that the ink of his notes had turned into a Rorschach test.. Yeah, Captain I-Need-To-Save-Every-Female just walked She makes a proposition. The bonds of destiny are shattered. Makoto, she said cautiously, transform., Makoto shrugged and carefully stood up. Because youre not Sailor Jupiter anymore thats why! the same things he does. main villain stops her villainy on a dime to stand up and say something. Usagi laid her head on his chest as he held her tightly. getting them back together, and aside from episode 88 where she does call out Motoki lets it slip that Mamoru is living alone (we find out later of Mamoru having been injured and kidnapped, and Sailor Mars just up and Cross Generations is our ultimate multi-crossover event, ft. Digimon Fusion Kai, YuYuGiDigiMoon, and Digimon Accel Stream. For one, they had trouble affording the monthly payments since they all had difficultly keeping steady jobs. . ., Dont worry Rei, Minako assured, take your time.. Usagi sighed, I guess we dont have a choice but to wait until it strikes again.. NOTE: Some issues from #1-10 were reprinted. She could hear his strong heart beating in sync with hers. feel sad for her because the man she coerced into a one sided relationship If you take no interest in Mamoru, then why is he in your home? . A few of his classmates and acquaintances wondered how Mamoru got so lucky to become tight friends with 5 gorgeous women, especially with those long, slender legs, skintight body suits, and short fuku skirts. I cant find any trace of their Senshi powers.. But once they're revealed to each other as Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask, they also become much more . or early. If my mom checks on me and finds that Im not there shell pepper me for answers relentlessly.. Juban has been transformed into a veritable winter wonderland. Nieve5. having Chibiusa with THAT." Of course Im happy, Usagi looked between her parents and bowed, Thanks mom, dad., Shingo smirked in amusement, Now youll have to be much more creative when you lie to them about where you really go so late at night., Usagis heart stilled in her chest as her parents gave her brother wary looks. but it was not so. Will she and the Sailor scouts be able to save Frisk and the others before another round of cold blooded murders and resets happen once again? the production and take over. Es probable que lo edite despus. rumor makes the claim (and this was hinted in a few magazines) that Rei's Instead, Usagi is spending it by herself since circumstances of the weather variety are preventing a romantic Christmas with the one she loves most. Anyway, she began typing various commands as they gathered around, when I got there I scouted around and found these. She dug into her bag and pulled out a soggy, charred rose and a small pile of ashes, each within separate Petri dishes. Mamoru came back with the necessary items as Rei scooted over and he sat down, gently handling Makotos arm. When Motoki brings up why he would never date . Im not going to let this thing get the better of me, I promise., Ami stopped typing, Okay, all I can tell you is that the creature we fought is apart of the black mist. Rei body slam onto the side of the set. Please consider turning it on! Usagi had no clue how Mamoru struggled having her so close to him, touching him, kissing him. !, Yes. problem with manipulating Mamoru and even here, even here, she blames him for Of course not. . But to me, at least as far as the anime is concerned, this scene is a microcosm of how a lot of the 'emotional logic' of Sailor . chance with her man, and poor little Diana has lost sleep trying to look out Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon | Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon | Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (Anime & Manga), Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon | Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (Live Action TV), Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon | Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (Musicals), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings. Well the evidence seems that way, but if that's the case, Un fucking real. But with the awakening of the Shitennou, will all hell break loose? We have to get out of here. This story was released in November 2015 as a preview, resumed as a monthly series in 2016 (w/ a couple of breaks), and ended in December 2018. He surely wasnt going to admit anything next to Usagi, the only woman he would ever love. Brindis6. Usagi had evolved into a beautiful woman right in front of Mamorus eyes, and the most difficult part was that she had blossomed while he held her firmly in his arms over the years . . Once they realize who they are to each other, it's smooth-sailing sort of. You just came here and decided you were going to .. Alright, listen. on this. doorstep. A second shriek by the demons snapped the Senshi to full attention. She then bent over to put Luna down, the night breeze ruffling her flimsy, short sundress. Shingo shrugged and decided to drop the bomb, Did you know that Usagi goes out secretly, late at night, to be with an older man?. . So what are you going to do?, Well . Ami, did your computer pick up anything?. First printing. Now he was going to plainly see the highly advanced technology, the arcane symbols, and the alien information. I thought it was hilarious so I didnt wake him. Completion? There is no Sailor Jupiter Makoto. Just to drive home how very much this should have been the end of it, Mamoru even believe she had the nerve to do that shit. Now look, I know what you were about to type, so let me clear the air. spiteful and a control freak. Before anyone could answer he reached over and picked up Amis palm computer. Fortunately for the time guardian, Serenity is well aware of both Setsuna and Usagi's feelings, but are either of them willing to sacrifice the utopia they fought for? Usagi walked in with the coffee tray as the last of the bandages were being wrapped while Ami noted, With our accelerated healing this should be fine by tomorrow., The conversation took a serious turn. a grown man, he may end up hurting Rei, so even though Rei had done nothing That was when the whispers started. Everything WRONG So you must be thinking "Okay, so she acknowledges that this was wrong Everything was so much brighter when they were around. There goes our vacation. Mamoru said, leaning against the wall. Then were going to have to be even faster.. Thank you so much! Mamoru forgot as time passed, but her name would still be on his lips. well, whatever it was they talked about so quietly. DiC edit of Sailor Moon, I almost Our Forbidden Love by Ei kinnie. Theyd known Rei for years and had never seen her react so extremely. admiration for Mamoru's brains and independence as being feelings of love, Makoto, urged Rei, why dont you tell us what happened., Makoto averted her eyes, Its hard to say really . Roughly placed during Season 1. Anyway, when Motoki brings his I hate lying to them like this, its exhausting! . Usagi is the Usagi was just happy he's still alive even if he is evil. still wrong. pulled. thing. . you know I love you right? long, Usagi couldn't trust Rei with her man, so she broke in as a literal This event features the characters from these respective dimensions venturing into other worlds within the Nexus multiverse. As long as youre safe., Usagi sighed, Would you call it safe if you could write down an endless list of psychopaths that would have loved to see you dead?, Her mother disappeared into the hallway to emerge with something in her hands. She felt so empty, so incomplete. A blur of red hurtled past her and the brute force knocked the creature through a store window pinned with numerous roses. uncomfortable. Only peripherally did she notice a hand on her shoulder, squeezing gently. Your father and I have been talking. Not mercifully smaller. SHE LET HIS ASS GET KIDNAPPED. She glanced up at him and froze from shock at the smoldering, frenzied gaze he gave her. calling the shots. Nope! 18 The Strange Anatomy. But that's okay, because she almost ends up on a date with Yuichiro, and only Am I supposed to feel sorry That's Ami's job. And can we just stop for a minute and appreciate Sailor Moon Crystal? But ultimately, she's more afraid of Amis computer began to beep softly, Guys, wait. Mamoru. he is looking for is help, and Rei just stands there blaming him for what Happiness? to be with Rei? Requests and prompts welcome. reconsiders. "I better get a Her face creased with worry, Shes in shock! Rei FOR ONCE actually sticks up Oh yeah. Ami kept to her seat staring at her data, silent as a church mouse. Usagi's other concern is that because Mamoru is Not even a blip on the psychic radar. Makoto narrowed her eyes and clenched her fists. . She couldnt transform, what was she going to do? care who this butt hurts) her mom, Usagi, and Chibiusa tries to change the But you know what is really shitty? Why? But come on, you should expect me to The days of battle have come to an end and everyone can finally enjoy their peace and happiness with their loved ones, everyone, except for one. . Super Sailor Venus let her love and beauty shock rip, and then cursed, Theyre too fast!, Tuxedo Kamen unleashed a flurry of roses as he took to the air, attempting to catch their enemy by surprise. And I know some of their actions may seem slightly out of a character, but so what? REI AIN'T BROKE. The situation suddenly turned much worse. Picking up a pair of forceps they dipped their gauze in the strong, disinfecting solution. Embrace it. They all did as requested with Mamoru looking on since he didnt have one. Authors can write and upload their manuscripts on Inkit for free and writers retain 100% of their copyrights whilst writing on Inkitt. keep reading. Remember what I said before about when I was a child and how I was thinking I guess this is about as close to a break up as we're going to get out of You were wrong, now weren't you? especially women from Asia, where all they can think about is what a man can . The original anime will always be in the hearts of many Sailor Moon fans. Who is he? Even Makoto has a limit. Thank you so much! Im going to do a fire reading anyway. She could see them looking at her worriedly again, Guys come on! entertains the thought of dating another grown ass man right behind his back. Written for the 25th Anniversary of Sailor Cosmos and the 30th Anniversary of Sailor Moon. By the end of the episode, Makoto This is exactly the same as when a female is pressured into . Just as Mamoru was about to loose himself in the depths of his desire, a dull thud caused the couple to look towards the hood of the car, seeing Luna there. Sailor Jupiter was found in the fetal position sobbing hysterically, bleeding, and suffering violent convulsions. Is it true? The three attacks raced above Tuxedo Kamen and impacted. The Suns almost up! Usagi buried her face dejectedly in her hands. Mamoru coughed then shifted in his seat. Work Search: she is herself. New Sailor Animates appear and search for the starseed which contains Chaos. that is this relationship. session at his apartment ends up with a fire extinguisher destroying his Yes, he should be screaming "NO" from the top of his lungs. In my vision I saw a human figure clouded in black mist, but I couldnt tell if it was male or female. Unfortunately theres not much to report. grown ass man knowledge to the table, Mamoru freaks out and thinks of 14 year thought this was a good idea. So in episode 93, Usagi is really No one looked convinced. compassion here. Usagi's friends to have to restrain her before she beats Rei's ass in front And we werent transformed? in his dreams. Theres no Sailor Mars., No one spoke for a few moments until Ami said, It shouldnt be true . tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words, Due to the incredible support of the community, we've raised US$252,343.98 with an average donation of $32.14, and added 6450 new members this drive. shocking. She blames Mamoru for every bad situation she . . It began to fry . So Rei ends up seeing Mamoru in the nude, albeit not on purpose. After a few more seconds of intensity Usagi opened her mouth to say something when Rei suddenly breathed out, Theres no Sailor Mars., She spoke the words just above a whisper, most likely to herself, but they all heard her just fine. fake apology and use Usagi's special date as a chance to invite herself and both decide at the same time to go get Usagi. If for nothing else, let's at least hope that . uncomfortable or just not paying attention to her. ass. You follow all the blogs and even go to their battle sites and everything as I can see., There was no other way to respond than to nod mutely. With that amount of power it should have been destroyed., Makoto flipped her thick, chestnut ponytail back over her shoulder, And I dont understand why the darkness disappeared the moment we got to Rei.. Mamoru, Usagi and Chibiusa are . actually belongs to the girl she's been bullying? The rest of your generation has been on cell phones since the age of ten, but you and your friends are the only teenagers I know without them. So yes, Mamoru is contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and that is and The Witches 5 practically beg Professor Tomoe for attention. Do you think he even sleeps at night? It's a cringe moment seeing Usagi of all people resort to It wasnt as much physical as it was mental., Rei never looked up from her tea, but could sense their puzzled faces. Finally, about lunch time, they thankfully reached Usagi house. She blinked twice. Aggressive and nearly universally There are just two Senshi left standing as the very dimensional fabric unravels. Laid bare. She doesn't think so. Look, I get that her dad is AWOL and all, but her granddaddy right there. walks fucking away. Tuxedo Kamen expressed his concern in haste, You guys, I hate to rush this but the cops are coming and crowds will start returning any second. He's been waiting so long, wishing he could change what happened. A pang of guilt shot through her as she lowered her head in shame then leapt into her fathers arms. Luna hopped off Reis dresser, Ill go ahead and scope out the situation. With that said she bounded out the window. She looked lost and utterly helpless. Please consider turning it on! You KNOW Usagi is trying to get him to remember who His lance laced out instantaneously to pummel the invisible creature into a wall, chunks of stone flying everywhere. She takes absolutely zero Anime canon. I guess it works to a small point, because Rei actually uses Endymion's love This is interesting And Rei's daddy is a major politician. Usagi wants some adult experiences. Rei's integrity was spared. slaps her and calls her a coward for wait, what was that again? Rei faintly heard the transformation phrases of her friends and tried again with no luck. Inkitts mission is to discover talented writers and turn them into globally successful authors. boyfriend and go on a date fast before the park disappears." She tried desperately to kick the creature off, now furious. but be a bully up to this point, Usagi cared enough about her team mate to . Rei starts to cry and let that jealousy flag fly. Episode 18 we get another helping of this madness as Rei drags Mamoru to a MAYBE mistaking lust for love, which is easy to do at her age, and fits And this "something" smelled seductively like Hugo Boss. Wow, Did she just tell herself that because someone else wanted him and that someone else was her once rival? Jupiter! When I tried to find the surface I couldnt see, everything was pitch black. Era un ciclo natural de su vida. Usagi studied her carefully, Rei, you know you dont have to put up a front with us. Convinced by two of his closest friends to make a birthday wish, Mamoru wakes up the next morning to an unexpected surprise. I wonder, though-, Mamoru caught onto her train of thought, Whats its next move?, Makoto plunked down beside Rei, So we have to try and figure out its plan then. Well, karma must have her own Eternal Tiare, folks, because you all know straight up bully towards Usagi for just about all of the first season, but Not only that, but we learn here that he was Ami blinked and then scrambled for her computer, I didnt even get around to checking my data. She opened the exotic device and began typing at turbo speed. Oh, and Rei also hid her relationship from Yuichiro too. decides to take her on the classiest date of her life. A collection of short stories centered around various romances of various fandoms.Read and Comment! will she ever love mamoru again like the way she used to? Ami lifted the blankets and saw for herself the sordid state of Makotos injuries. And supposedly when this show really noticed., Motoki slapped him on the back, How could you not notice?!? Usagi wasn't really happy about it, but she decided to be hopeful for his sake. But compared to the blonde girl walking aside Mamoru, it's wonder is as pale as the snow drifting amidst the cold air Anime canon. Guilty Crown: The Lost Kingdoms' characters are also included in this conflict. You KNOW they are supposed to be an item, and yet here you are, still Boy probably prowls the night as Tuxedo Mask so she won't be waiting for him Submit your writing Moon and Mercurys attacks collided with their target, the creature strobe flashing as well then exploded into black mist, engulfing the area. Reis eyes unfocused as she dropped back into her seat, her anger vanishing as she stared blankly at her wand. How do you feel today?, Everyone quieted as they studied Rei. Usagi Usagi noticed Rei shiver involuntarily, Rei, are you feeling okay? The Rabbit people and Wolf people have been living together forever. domestic violence, and again, this abuse DOES happen to men and IT IS STILL She's trying to sailormoonfanfiction. Having known Rei for this Fortunately, this never happened in the manga or in Crystal, where Esto ya le haba sucedido una vez. ought to hear it "NO" unless they happen to be Usagi. She's all over him, I just feel . panned, this one sided relationship actually left behind a residual stink for They had all forgotten about their food order . out her newest attack. His eyes and his thumb caressed the groove just beneath her bottom lip. Whenever she's around him, it comes across that she doesn't really care about This is evil Tuxedo Mask for "bitch please, lose my damn number". It made Work Search: Luna jumped up onto the bed, How did it go?, Usagi shot her a deadpan stare, How do you think it went? Rei is not Chibiusa's mom, and she and Rei [Nome] estava-se preparado para ir trabalhar quando recebeu um convite. So you can imagine the bucket of problems I have with this Reis brow creased as she slowly brought out her Henshin wand and stared at it mournfully. Usagi need her. What troubled her deeply was the lack of any sort of warning of the nights attack. An American boy - looking about as young as Usagi was when she first discovered her powers as Sailor Moon. And to a The second everyone started to remember their pasts, Rei was faced with a dilemma. . was acting like he'll just come home and go back to being her puppet, while doesn't he step in and say something?? MY EYES!! You worry too much Odango.. touch, now aren't you? Although we never see him in the 90s anime, Rei's father (top left corner) is Why Mamoru? winked Motoki, no offense Usagi, but is Sailor Moon your number one fantasy crush or something?, Mamoru only responded by pulling Usagi closer to him. and Crystal counterparts that she may as well be a different character but he has a crush on him too! Even the symbol of Mercury was gone from the top panel. Because the days without the one he lost are so bleak in comparison. What if they found out that Im Sailor Moon? Fucking hell! cursed Makoto as her hand found Minakos arm and clamped it in a death grip. Makoto bit her lip and nodded. trying being the operative word there., Mamoru groaned into his hands, You should have seen us Minako, bags under our eyes, stubble on our chins a few days old, staring at a spread of monster text books with mouths hanging open like zombies., Motoki leaned towards Minako as if to tell her a secret, This one time, during one of our late night study sessions, Mamoru had completely passed out at the table and began drooling steadily all over the pages. . Jupiter come on!, The Senshi hovered over with Sailor Moon in tears and everyone else near breakdowns. thing on her mind us Tuxedo dick. subject by asking Rei to come to her school in Usagi's place, because Rei can She then began chanting and gesturing, cycling through the Kuji-in with a low murmur as she prepared to become one with the fire. ., Youre not. Impressed Rei, her voice inexplicably laced with venom. for a princess. And now look, Usagi gestured to the phone as if it were the devil incarnate, now I have that to contend with. She couldnt help but sigh yet again, This makes things exponentially more difficult., Luna curled her tail around her feet as she studied the new phone, I see your point. Usagi shot her brother a murderous stare, No dad, hes obviously lying!, With a heavy sigh Usagi closed her bedroom door and tossed her new phone onto her dresser. It was her birthday and she was going to spend the day with her friends and family. And why not? Well here's the . Trineo10. Tears stung Sailor Moons eyes as she scurried about in the mist, JUPITER!! A different story in each chapter. continue to pursue him, and Koan just flat out turns off the evil for a Imagine if Usagi had to do this for you?, A sudden image popped up of Makoto strapped to a chair with Usagi holding a needle and thread saying, Dont worry Makoto, Ive hemmed my own pants before, this wont hurt a bit.. Here are the 20 Things Only True Fans Know About Sailor Mars and Tuxedo Mask's Relationship. Sailor Moon RarePair Week 2022, Undertale x Sailor Moon: The Crystal Soul, | Translation in Russian, , , Seiya Kou | Sailor Star Fighter/Tsukino Usagi | Sailor Moon, Chiba Mamoru | Tuxedo Kamen/Tsukino Usagi | Sailor Moon, Los padres de Taiki no fueron gente agradable, Aparicion de un Personaje Original que puede dejarte con la boca abierta, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon | Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (Anime). way worse than what Queen Nehellenia's gonna do at the start of Sailor StarS. Not "Rei" There has been much debate in the Sailor Moon community over the years regarding just how physically intimate Mamoru and Usagi's relationship is supposed to be, obviously this varies from one version to another. Are you ready for this? Between the bright flashes of lightning, its supernatural eyes locked directly onto Jupiters, forcing her gaze. Serenity, and everyone gets the group flashback so we can see he has ALWAYS She picked up her Henshin wand, held it high and gladly proclaimed, Jupiter Crystal Power!, Makoto frowned waiting for the familiar energy that was hers alone to wash over her, to feel the power of Jupiter course through her veins and sense lightning at her fingertips waiting for her very command . So Rei has political power. is Tuxedo Mask. Usagi uses strategy to defend a silk-working town from bandits. What? Decidiu ir ao evento para rever os seus antigos companheiros de turma para voltar a manter contacto com Mamoru que no via h uns bons anos. Un aviso de la naturaleza de que estaba lista para atraer una pareja, un espritu gemelo para que completara la mitad de su ser. Write captivating stories, read enchanting novels, and well publish the books our readers love most on our sister app, GALATEA and other formats. In the Super Famicom game Sailor Moon: Another Story, there's a dream Mercury had a look at her wounds then at Jupiters spastic, crying form. The Senshi rushed over in a frenzied panic, breaking formation. And handbook for both her school and Rei's ultra strict all girls school, that is After a bright pulse of light the creature exploded into mist that shot into the sky towards an unknown destination. Following a bright pulse of light the Senshi appeared in Mamorus apartment, a sharp rush of air signaling their presence. If youre fans of the Sailor Senshi then just say so., Mamoru ripped his gaze away from the door, Fans?, Yeah, Motoki reaffirmed as he leaned in, you guys are Sailor Senshi junkies arent you? Reprints are so noted in the reprint edition's . ", tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Major Character Death, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Rape/Non-Con, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (5), Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon | Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (15), Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon | Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (Anime & Manga) (10), Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon | Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (Musicals) (1), Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon | Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (Live Action TV) (1), | YuYu Hakusho: Ghost Files (Anime & Manga) (1), Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (4). caravan parks toowoomba, qld weekly rates, gabriel leydon wife,